Wholeness / Oneness

Wholeness, Oneness… commonly referred to as Love.  Not the love we see in movies or read in novels.  Not the one that promises “happily ever after”, those are feelings or beliefs that can make one feel whole or loved.

Love being, Infinbalancedite Wisdom. The wisdom that decided to put you here.  The same Infinite wisdom that put the ocean, flowers and insects here. Your spirit, in a body, on this dimensional plane for pleasure, joy and a purposeful life.  A life that fulfills your souls journey .  A path that sparks your highest calling.  A beautiful timeline of events you and Creator manifested together for the highest purpose of your existence.  Discover how a peaceful heart and pure mind can unite you to the Oneness that inhabits all of nature and earth’s uniform rhythm .

The rhythm of Love and Oneness IS the blueprint to being more present in the moment and that awareness leads to authentic choice and decision making.

To be in the the elixir of Oneness is to… zone into the zero point, merge with the negative ions, soak in the scalar waves and get quiet in the quantum entanglement.