Food & Hydration

Begin to understand the power of food, food energetics and how to uniquely customize a food plan for health based on your individual needs.

Become acquainted with:

  • Foods for metabolic and blood type
  • Proper food combining
  • Eating to better balance hormones
  • Understand food addictions / cravings
  • Five elements of Chinese Medicine
  • Food choices and minerals that expand mood, vitality, energy and internal cohesiveness

Our bodies are about 3/4 water. Grasp the importance of hydration, electrolytes and minerals. Incorporate daily practices to balance and hydrate your skin, cells, and muscles. Become familiar with easy ways to keep the body hydrated so energy can flow.


Common dehydration symptoms include:

  • low/lack of energy
  • decreased neurotransmitter activity
  • tight joints, aches, pain
  • lack of saliva
  • foggy brain /irritability /constipation
  • reduced spinal mobility
  • insomnia
  • dry skin/eyes

Appreciate the power in water.  Water holds memory.  Properly PH balanced water is essential for deeper cellular communication and healing. Learn how your thoughts, prayer, words and energy affect the fluid environment inside of you and how you can better harmonize your cellular matrix.