My brain stem, cortex and limbic system are working in unison to regulate and keep me calm

Awakening to now is crafted with ease, joy and light

This moment, I am free and buoyant of where I am going

I reside in a space that is open and allowing for pleasure, the neural route is calm

I am one with all that spirals uplifts and communicates divinity through the spinal canal

I am in blessing with all light and geometry that shines purpose, passion and prayer

This moment is for love, justice and peace- I connect with all now

There is space within and throughout my body, mind and energetic layers that is bestowed with healing light

Energetic flow is here, now- the eyes see, the breath follows and the physical is one with the present moment

My body is clear and free from all others undesirable thoughts, decisions and actions

My body is in harmony with the divine essence and propels unwanted thoughts and others behaviors away

My body keeps all potential outside afflictions/disturbances far from its aura and cosmic layers

My body is a beacon for sustenance

My body and neurons keep in alignment with the highest

My body negates all outside influence and distractions

My body breathes with nature and the infinite mind, allowing thought forms to be just thought with no attachment or continuous story

My body is strong and vibrates with positivity

My immune system is functioning well and is shielded from internal and external viruses and bacteria

My body is resilient and rises above daily stressors in conjunction with starlight energy

My sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system are in balance and continue to be so.

Today I am clear, I detach from any and all ancestral and generational illnesses that are connected through the blood, bones, cells, lymph and neural route