Breath / Sound

I remember the day my children asked for a tortoise. We happily settled on two Betta fishes. As I would sit and watch the fish swim effortlessly back and forth, up and down, I would take a minute to look at it, watch it, move with it and breath with it.

To connect with breath in our own way, unique way, animal way, oceanic way;  is Spirits way of redirecting us to our deepest truth.

As the fish swim effortlessly in all directions, our breath directs and guides us to a flow and fluidity deep with in our body and bodily structure (cells, muscles, organs) along with the structure of life (sound, light, energy).

Challenges, limited flexibility, fears, worry, anger and “dis-ease” are  words and labels that can create levels of “darkness ” or disharmony throughout life.  It is the darkness that keeps one trapped and in shallow breath. We are being called to awake  from the darkness in unity (higher frequency) and consciousness. We are being called to expand and see expansion as limitless with a more effortless ease and flow.

In conscious breath we find purpose, authenticity, patience, love, truth, abundance, expansion and nourishment.

Find and be breath, potentate your practice, deflate darkness, energize your existence and swim in the flow of life.