A Practice

To achieve quietness and stillness, to awake beyond the limitations of belief, and to respect the brilliance of one’s neuroimmune domain allow the body, mind and spirit to unify and find balance and harmony. Tamee’s writings emanate from a fluid, etheric space. Support from higher essences offers her a glimpse into a domain of awareness, rebalancing, and transformation that she can share with others.

*The hands and fingers offer an array of geometric possibilities for subtle bliss

*Fingers crossed can be used as a “caresser” to bring in energy above or on the skin

*Allow one’s own sound to penetrate the body, fluid and cells- use the lips to add a tender vibratory touch

*Picture yourself in a fluid/bubble domain, allow the body to resonate with Oneness

*Envision butterflies, bubbles or stars- 25-50 above head. They glide, float, sway – light, fluttery and soft to calm the mind and nervous system

*Picture shapes on skin (circle, square, star, infinity sign), trace shapes on skin

*Bring negative energy or feelings from the gut/core/torso up to the saliva, “chew” (dismantle) and blow out

*Bring negative energy from the mind to the saliva (oral cavity), “chew”(dismantle) and blow out

*Dismantle limiting beliefs, have intention to act and move energy beyond time